Del - Lap Band

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Lap Band
70 lbs

My Story

I’m an emotional eater and I come from a broken home. My health was quickly deteriorating; I was struggling with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, low testosterone. When I got the call from my daughter’s school because they had ran some exams and thought she may be diabetic. That was huge for me. It was a real wakeup call because I thought, you failed, you failed at showing your kids the right way to live, the right things to eat, this is on you. So, it was something I knew I needed to change.

I’ve done a complete 180. I feel great. True Results has helped me to lose over 70 pounds. My Lap Band procedure has changed my life dramatically. I have a lot of energy throughout the day. It’s no longer feeling so tired, feeling sleepy. 

My experience with True Results has been amazing. From the moment I walked in there, I felt everybody was so genuine, so helpful, they understood me and were just so ready to engage and help me to overcome this, this obstacle in my life. For years food was my addiction and True Results is my rehabilitation center.