Jada - Gastric Sleeve

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Gastric Sleeve
50 lbs

My Story

My life before surgery, I actually quit smoking about 16 years ago, so from that I gained about 45-50 pounds. Putting on all that weight after making a healthy choice and not being able to keep it off, and going up and down was so discouraging. I would go back and forth when I would lose all the weight and I would be happy, and I would work out, walk every single day, but then I would put the weight right back on, I didn’t have the energy to work out.

I had the Gastric Sleeve procedure and so far I’ve lost 48 pounds. Life is great, I love my job. I travel, I speak with confidence. As time goes on, you feel better, you want to get up, you want to move around cause the weight is not there. Your body just feels better, so now since having the surgery and losing 48 pounds, I go to the gym every day, as you can see my big guns. I love my husband, he loves that I’m happy.